Monday, November 30, 2015

Affordable Ebook Cover Design by Elizabeth Cox

A new service for authors desiring affordable ebook cover design, customized to an author's needs with artwork and font that is unique... and never common. I create ebook covers from original artwork backgrounds. Stock images, be it art, photos or illustrations, are NEVER UTILIZED. The ebook covers I create are always unique, original and affordable.

Ebook Cover Design: Basic Process.

Ebook Cover Formats

I create an ebook cover in a single format, usually that which is required for Smashwords (“SW”) as SW distributes to numerous major retailers such as Barnes and Noble, KOBO, Apple… and others, the SW format requirement is the most compatible to major retailers and distributors. I can also create an ebook cover in just about any other format (just tell me your format), including Amazon Kindle Format. And sometimes, for the nominal additional fee of $5.00, I can create the ebook cover to meet the separate requirement of SW, and then a second brand-name retailer, such as, Amazon Kindle. However, be aware that not all ebook covers can be ‘tweaked’ to meet more than a single brand-name format requirement. Any designer who tells you they can create a single format that will fit all distributors' requirements may not be totally honest with you. When the 'tweaking' for an additional format/size is minor, I do not charge the additional  $5.00 fee. 

In your initial email to me, state which format(s) you need your ebook cover created for. The retailers/distributors in the aforementioned paragraph are the most common I design for... they are not the only brand names I can create a cover for. 

My Fee is two-part:

$12.00 Set-Up fee that is NON-REFUNDABLE.
Balance owed is $40.00.
Your total design cost is $52.00.

Payment is through PayPal. No other form of payment is acceptable. 

In each part of the payment process ($12.00, then $40.00) I will invoice you via email, instructing you to pay the amount owed to my Paypal Account e-mail address. My Paypal account e-mail address is different from the e-mail address I use to communicate with my clients. You must wait for my invoice.

Design and Approval Process

Before you pay the $12.00 Set-Up fee, you will be given a Free email Consultation, consisting of questions I will ask you, to help me form a concept/creative idea of the book cover you desire. Please try to answer my questions briefly, yet concisely, and in a timely manner. After I receive your answers to my basic Consultation questions, I may, at that point, be able to state if my ebook cover design service is suitable to your ebook. If further determination is required, I’m happy to engage in an email conversation to assist in deciding what design aspects can be used to meet your ebook cover ideas. 

Before you make an initial email query to me, please browse the ebook covers on my blogsite. If you do not care for the overall style of the ebook covers on my blog, chances are you should shop elsewhere.

Once/if I decide that my design concepts could fit your concepts, I will, free of charge to you, present you (via an email attachment in jpeg format) with a background image for your ebook cover. This initial image will be copyrighted and watermarked, as I will own it, and you may not, under any circumstance, violate my copyright. 

If you like the background image and want to use it as your ebook cover, then I will invoice you for the $12.00 Set-Up fee. You will have 6 days in which to pay the Non-Refundable Set-Up fee.  

Once I receive your Paypal payment of the Set-Up fee, I will then work on creating the text for the ebook cover, this is comprised of the Title, Author’s name and optional description of the book. Example: (Title) Walking Past Midnight, (Description) Paranormal Mystery, (Author) Susan Tipton. Before creating text/font for the cover I will ask you questions about your preferences for font style, size and colors. 

Time Frame

Time frame, start-to-completion, is dependent on our email conversations. I work very quickly. Each time you are required to make a decision, I will give you a time frame in which I can complete a particular stage of the process. It is not unusual for the process, from start to completion and final payment, to take no longer than three weeks. Your timeliness in communicating is a crucial factor.


Two Free Revisions. The two free revisions apply to text/font styles and colors. To change the background image, which you had already approved, would require an additional Set-Up Fee.

Completion and Final Payment

Completion and Final Payment: After presenting to you the completed ebook cover, I will invoice you for the balance of $40.00, that is to be paid within 10 days. Only after receiving your payment of the $40.00, will I then prepare the ebook cover for you in the required ebok format and remove my embedded copyright. 

NOTICE: If you choose not to accept the completed ebook cover and do not pay the balance of $40.00, then you lose all use to the completed cover and may not, under any circumstance use it. Doing so will violate my copyright. 

However, if you choose to accept the final cover, you are required to pay the final balance of $40.00 within 10 days from the email date I sent the invoice to you. My email invoice to you is the proof that I completed the assignment for which you hired me. 

NOTE: All sample ebook covers, will have my embedded copyright notice in them. ONLY upon final payment will I remove the embedded copyright notice.

After you pay the final invoice, you own the ebook cover with the legal stipulation of stating my design credit wherever you employ the ebook cover. 

Design credit within the pages of the ebook’s front matter should read, verbatim: 
Ebook Cover Design by Elizabeth Cox of Affordable Ebook Cover Design.

So…. The above terms pretty much cover the “Fine Print” of hiring me to design your ebook cover.  If you have additional questions, please contact me via email at:

Are you ready to have your ebook cover designed especially for you, without cookie-cutter shapes, without stock images, pictures and photos? Email me at: